Universal audioquitis for Interphone Tour/Sport/Urban-Buy in the GPStrade online store

Universal audioquitis for Interphone Tour/Sport/Urban-Buy in the GPStrade online store

Buy universal audio acid for Interphone Tour/Sport/Urban: Price 4,200 rubles .. Sale Universal audio acid for Interphone Tour/Sport/Urban with delivery in Moscow and other cities of Russia.

Universal audioquitis for Interphone Tour/Sport/Urban

Universal audioquitis for Interphone Tour/Sport/Urban

Designed to install the Interphone headset on the second helmet.

  • fastener
  • fastener on 3th adhesive tape
  • Microphone on the wire
  • Microphone on the rod
  • Headphones with wiring
  • Velcro for headphones
  • Velcro for the microphone
  • screws
  • screwdriver

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