Railway station Tver. Hotels nearby, train schedule 2022, address, website, how to get to

Railway station Tver. Hotels nearby, train schedule 2022, address, website, how to get to

Tver station, Tver railway station. Directions and schedules of trains and electric trains, where to buy tickets, hotels nearby, how to get there. Photo, video, panorama.

Railway station Tver

Railway station Tver

The Tver railway station is an important transport hub connecting the two Russian capitals.

Initially, the station was called Nikolaevsky, in the Soviet years it was Kalininsky. The building of the old station was built in the middle of the 19th century according to the standard design of class I stations (similar projects were implemented on the same section of the railway in Klin, Malaya Vishera, Bologoy). In 1991, the construction of a new building was completed. In the 2000s, the station went through major renovations more than once. Some of them were dictated by modern requirements for the technical level of the station. Another part of the reconstruction was devoted to the restoration of the first, historical building: the room where the emperor and his family stopped while passing through Tver, waiting rooms, ancient facades and interior details.

The entire standard package of services for passengers is available at the station: an information desk, ticket offices, left-luggage offices, waiting rooms, a first-aid post, and a restaurant. It is possible to charge electrical appliances: phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Railway station Tver

Tver railway station schedule in 2022

The capacity of the station is more than 11,000 passengers per day. There are 4 platforms at the Tver station: two are given for the reception and departure of electric trains, two are designed for long-distance trains. All information about the arrival and departure of trains can be clarified on the online scoreboard.

Train schedule from the railway station Tver

To check the train departure time, it is not necessary to look for the ticket itself, today it is enough to go to the Internet from your phone or computer to check all the data online, knowing the train number or direction.

Train timetable

Suburban trains depart from Tver station throughout the day. On the online scoreboard, you can find the right electric train in the directions of the Moscow region, Bologoye and Torzhok.

Buy a ticket from the Tver railway station

Modern technologies have made it possible to simplify the purchase of a train ticket to a few clicks of a computer mouse. An electronic ticket is valid on a par with a regular one. It can be purchased on the official website of Russian Railways or using the Tutu.ru online service. The pricing policy for most destinations is based on a dynamic pricing system: with low demand, the cost will be lower. Conversely, as more tickets are sold, the price will rise.

Main directions

Every train from Moscow to St. Petersburg and vice versa always stops in Tver. In addition to them, the Tver station receives and sends trains connecting different regions of our country, as well as foreign trains to Helsinki and Tallinn.The electric trains served by the station belong to the Moscow-Tver direction, the full scheme can be viewed here.


The greatest loading of the station by long-distance trains falls on the evening, night and morning. For example, the Leo Tolstoy branded train, running from Moscow to Helsinki via Tver and St. Petersburg, makes a stop at the Tver railway station in the dead of night at 01.11.

When buying a ticket for a regular train from Tver to St. Petersburg, it is worth putting an average of 5 to 8 hours on the road. While the high-speed train Sapsan overcomes the same segment of the road in a maximum of 3 hours.

More than 40 trains per day keep heading from Tver to the northern capital, about the same number departs from this station and to Moscow. The choice of trains for every taste and budget. From high-speed Sapsan and branded trains (Two-story, Arktika, Karelia and others) to ordinary trains. The time for which you can get to the capital varies from 1 to 3 hours.

All trains from Tver to Anapa depart at night. To get to the summer vacation by train, you should be patient or have an entertaining book – it will take about 36 hours to travel.

You can get to Nizhny Novgorod both on a regular train and on the Sapsan, which was launched in May 2018. Thanks to this high-speed train, it now takes just 5 hours and 20 minutes to get from Tver to Nizhny Novgorod, versus the usual 7-8 hours.

The favorable location of the Tver railway station played a positive role in the number of trains going to Adler. In the summer, 4 trains from St. Petersburg and one from Murmansk regularly stop here.

One train departs from Tver to Bryansk on even days of the month. The train covers the distance between these cities in 9 hours.

Murmansk is one of the popular northern destinations, where from 3 to 5 trains depart daily from Tver Station. Among them is the Arktika branded train, which has luxury carriages.

Railway station Tver

Electric trains

From early morning until the train evening, the Tver station receives and sends suburban and high-speed electric trains along routes to Bologoye, Torzhok and Moscow. Electric trains from Tver arrive in the capital at the Leningradsky railway station.


Information about changes in the timetable, the possibility of exchanging and returning tickets, peculiarities of baggage allowance, the right to receive reduced tickets and any other questions can be found by calling the Tver railway station information +7 (4822) 41-33-38. There is also a free Russian Railways line 8-800-775-00-00.

Tver railway station from a bird's eye view (video)

How to get to Tver railway station

The railway station is located just 3 km from the city center, they are connected by two avenues – Tverskoy and Tchaikovsky. A large number of public transport routes connect both the center and residential areas of Tver with the railway station. Tram, trolleybus, bus and fixed-route taxi stops are located at the station square, as well as across the street from the station building at the intersection of Komintern Street and Tchaikovsky Avenue.

Transport from the bus station

About 600 meters are separated from the bus station of the railway station, and this is an absolutely real distance to walk in 5-7 minutes. You need to move right along the street of the Comintern.

But with heavy baggage, even this short path can become difficult. Then you can use ground transport and drive one stop at any of the buses or minibuses.

Transport from the river station Tver

From the river station to the railway station, the station actually leads a direct road that connects several city avenues. You can get on one of the buses (No. 30, 36, 111) or a minibus (No. 177, 205, 223).

The full scheme of the routes of public transport in Tver is presented on the official website of the city administration.

Stopping public transport at the station square – the panorama of Google Maps

Transport from Sheremetyevo Airport to the railway station Tver

Relatively recently, in 2017, it became possible to get as quickly as possible and with minimal costs to get Sheremetyevo Airport to the Tver railway station. As part of the special program “at the airport without delay”, a combined route “Train + bus” was created.

Passengers go from the airport on special minibuses to the Khimki railway station and they sit on the Swallow high -speed electric train there. Due to the fact that the minibuses schedule was agreed with the time of departure of the Swallow, to get to the Tver railway station, a total of about two hours will be needed. The total ticket price will be about 600 rubles. Buses set off daily from 05:45 to 23:13, the movement interval – 15 minutes. You can clarify the train schedule on the official website of MTPPK.


A popular way to get to the desired point of the city or even beyond is a transfer. The ability to choose in advance to choose the car desired in size and price category provides a fixed price of the trip. In addition, this exempts from the need to look for an adequate price among taxi drivers on the station square.