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The ceiling collapsed in the gym of the Holmes PLYIS sports club in Haifa

In the Grand-Cannon shopping center, the ceiling collapsed in the gym of the Holmes Plais sports club.

The incident happened on Saturday and only a miracle helped that there was no one in the room at that moment, as a result of which there were no casualties. Only simulators were injured, on which the ceiling collapsed.

“On Friday, a crack in the ceiling area was discovered in the aerobics hall,” the representatives of Holmes Plays commented on the incident. “As soon as it became known, the club employees released the premises from visitors and invited professionals to correct the defect.”

“Last night, when the club was closed for visits, the people called by us broke the ceiling in the area of ​​the crack and put everything in order,” the statement said further. “This morning, after the approval of the design engineer, the club was again opened for everyone.”